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Our Approach

Digital Marketing is hugely important in all marketing strategies of new or established businesses. Wunderbaa helps businesses both large and small sell their services and products online and offline more efficiently. It's the small things that make a big difference. Leave a good impression on all Social Media Channels. Get your Google Ranking on top of the Search Page or send customers regular email updates. Wunderbaa supports you with all those "little things" that make you sell your products and services faster.

Our Story

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About Wunderbaa Limited

Wunderbaa was founded by Jana Reulecke, who after 7 years of the daily grind in International Marketing, quit her 9-5 job to take a gap year “down under” and bring her years of business and marketing experience to the New Zealand market. Currently enrolled in the DMI Institute in Dublin (via distance) to finish her postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing, Jana also holds a Masters of Corporate Communications and a Bachelor of Tourism Management.

Now based in Wanaka, Jana works with many local businesses such as Revology Wanaka to develop their ecommerce and PPC (Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Social Media) strategies and execution.  Not limited to Wanaka, she also works with businesses further afield like Haka Lodges that need an extra push of brand awareness while the borders remain closed.

Jana is well known for her fantastic one-on-one and group workshops for social media basics and strategy that help small business owners and creatives grow their brand online  - if this sounds like something you’re interested in, please get in touch. Passionate about digital marketing, Jana is specialised in updating and building websites, Google Adwords, social media campaigns, email marketing and automation for businesses across New Zealand, Australia and Germany.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a core value here at Wunderbaa - we believe in businesses giving back to their communities however they can. As such, you’ll find Jana donating 2 hours of her time each week to Community Networks Wanaka, planning and producing facebook updates, creating marketing plans, and pushing the online donation platform to raise more funds for local people in need.

For more information about Jana’s professional background and education, please follow this link to her LinkedIn Profile. 

Meet the Support Crew

The Wunderbaa Limited Team gets some help from a few very efficient volunteers.



The Mazda

"Martha", the Mazda gets Wunderbaa from A to B (when it's raining or more than 10k up a hill).



The Master

The MAC is mostly efficient and solves all marketing requests in a short time.

Betty Blue

"Betty Blue"

The Racer

"Betty Blue" gets Wunderbaa from A to B when it's less then 10k away and a sunny day.

Next Steps...

If you have a business that needs some marketing support, get in touch with us now! Let's meet for coffee and have a chat about how we can help your business grow.